Monday, December 6, 2010

Switching to Forward Facing

So I'm one of those mom's who are all about keeping their child rear facing (RF) as long as possible. Oliver will be 14 months in a couple days and I decided it was time to turn him around. Why? Well every time he is his seat, he screams. Not just, "Mom, take me out now." but, "MOM I'M GOING TO KILL YOU WITH MY EYES IF YOU DON'T TAKE ME OUT!!!" Yeah, that's right. He's developed the ability to kill with his eyes. Also charm, now that's the deadly one.
Anywho. Now that he is forward facing (FF) things are so much nicer. And it's only been two days. He's only had one little creaming fit and that is because of my inability to remember his sippy cup.
So I'm guessing your wondering why I'm talking about which way a car seat is positioned on a cloth diaper blog. Well I suddenly realized I'd advertised this as a cloth diaper and anything else mom/baby related in my introductory paragraph at the top. So well I'm going to start talking more about baby items since I've found most of Oliver's cloth diapers. Don't get me wrong I still am going to talk about diapers, tips, tricks, and hints, but I'll start talking about products I've used.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok since starting cloth diapering the big problem with it was trying to cover my son's butt with something other than the diaper. During the summer I just used rompers and all was good, but now that it's getting close to winter, rompers are not practical. Especially here in our lovely warm Utah winters. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Right. Anywho, so I have been on the search for the perfect pair of pants that fit over his cloth butt. I have looked everywhere! Thrift store, department stores, Old Navy (I have found a pair of shorts that fit him, but can't find pants), Babies R Us, Wal-Mart, Online, asked mamas on mamapedia. I was about ready to give up cloth when we went out of the house because I just couldn't find pants!!
Well my job is a 2 minute walk from Kmart and I was walking to find something to eat, and they were having a sidewalk sale. So I found some shirts, so I went in and decided to look at their clothes. Well of course I was curious about their pants. At first I was dissapointed. I couldn't find a size that I thought would fit him. Then I remembered that most pants that he fits are in the T's. 2t was way to small, but 3t!! 3t just might do it. I then remembered that I only had $20 with me. Sad. But I looked at the price tag, $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my shirt purchases and the pants being as cheap as they are I could buy 2 pairs! Well, maybe I should only do one pair so that i'm not out more money if they don't fit.
The time I was able to put on those pair of pants was one of those VOILA! moment. Oh it was wonderful! They fit him comfortably, no red mark, fit over his big butt, not those horrible stiff jeans that don't move how babies move. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! No more worrying about what to do during the winter. I know, I could have just put him in sweat pants all winter long. But you know, sometimes sweat pants just don't cut it. So Wonder Kids brand, THANK YOU!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Special Orders and the awsomeness of All Natural Baby Center!

So as we all know Ollie has a big butt. He's a giant, what can I say? So often times I have to search for stores that have his size of diapers. I also have discovered that I love Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Diapers. Not only are they going to fit Oliver for quite a while, but they have cute colors!! But anywho, so I have to search for them. On Facebook I'm a fan of All Natural Baby Center and they were having a promotion that if you buy a Fuzzibunz diaper then you get a free additional insert. Of course they didn't have Ollie's size, so I asked how long they were going to have their promotion going on (money issues holding off my purchase at the time) and when they would have his size. Well they don't normally carry his size, but would be willing to order some in just for me. YAY!! Just for me!! And by the time they arrived was when I got paid! Nice. So after a series of emails about what diapers I want, deciding against the diapers I thought I wanted, but then decided that I didn't, but oh wait I wanted to buy some Thirsites wraps and hemp prefold. Then forgetting to pay for one of the diapers, and then even more additions I finally was done ordering and changing my mind. I'm sure we sent each other 10 or 15 emails.  Easily. 
So basically what I'm saying is that I love They are awesome, understanding, and have great communications with their customers. Not only that but they have awesome sales, deals, and free shipping on 2 bags or more on Rockin' Green Detergent. Which for me, the reason why I never bought it, was because of the shipping. Stupid Shipping. Also they have $5 shipping on everything under $25 and free above $25. How awesome!! So lots of love is headed toward All Natural Baby Center!!!
Sorry about the poor quality, took it with my phone. But it was a great day when this arrived!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thirsties . . .not duo wrap!

So thanks to Sweet Baby Bottoms  and my commenting on a Facebook post, I had an opportunity and the guts to try out the Thirsties regular diaper cover!!! And I love it!! It fits like an up to 40 pound diaper should fit. I was so scared to try them since trying out the Dup Wrap did not work out for my large baby. He's in the cover right now and fits wonderfully! I was able to fit the GMD (check them out Here)prefold with a Thirsties insert and a hemp prefold. In my other wraps there was a gap, with that much cloth, at his tummy which I'm surprised didn't leak out! If there are any problems I'll let you all know, but for now they are FABULOUS!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello all my friends. This is a little out of context for diapers, but I feel this needs to be posted. I read a blog from a local dad, and his post about perfection is a wonderful and beautifully moving piece. I hope you will read and pass it along.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Part two of my Mamapedia friends question

Ok my comment never posted on the comment box so I'm writing it here. Ugh I'll write it again.

The "claw" wont go through the fabric. They are designed not to, and there is way to much fabric to try and go through.

The cover is the modernized "plastic pants". It's made out of PUL fabric. Which stands for polyurethane laminated. It's in place if the vinyl pants that ugh. I can't believe were ever used. I tried making a sample diaper out of it and I about died. It's a type of fabric that is used in the medical field. It's cheap and can with stand a lot of use and washes.

Sizes are by weight mostly. There are types of diapers that are one size till they are potty trained. Which for out big kids is impossible to do. The usually go up to 40-45 lbs. Those are called One Size Diapers. So there are diapers out there called All in One, One size diapers. That's the brown diaper that I have pics of. But if it's a one size it will have snaps in the middle of the front. To show you here is a picture of one. Ok well it's a link to a AIO one size.

Example of a All In One
p.s. I love Nicki's Diapers. They are GREAT!!

I hope this helped. I am not off to go write about washing diapers. Hey you can text me if you'd like. Personal message me on Mamapedia your number if you want and you can ask me any question there too.

Ok So pocket diaper. . . you will need a small anatomy lesson. Don't run away!!! It's not bad at all. This is the most popular diaper and I'm sure you'll love it!

So there is the PUL fabric (mentioned above) outer and orange in this picture, and then a layer of fabric (white here) usually fleece or some other cotton, hemp, or microfiber material.

  These are sewn together, but at the top of the back there is left a hole open. And that is why they call it a pocket. .  because it is a pocket. A pocket of coolness!!

 This is where you put inserts and doublers (basically just fabric pieces).

   This is also a great easy way to cloth diaper and again the most popular. I guess now is a good time to mention the difference between Snap closures or Aplix.  In this picture there are snaps. In my Blueberry cover it's Aplix. Like below.
Basically Aplix is a preferred version of Velcro. Velcro is super rough, and Aplix is softer. . I guess. It's the only way to describe it. Although some diaper makers use Velcro. So I like Aplix/Velcro and snaps. But for larger babies Aplix/Velcro is better because you have an more custom fit.

Ok WASHING. Most people do not like this idea. But it's really truly NOT BAD AT ALL! You really have to try washing the diapers before you judge.
So lets talk prewashing machine. Poop. It's going to happen. There are different things you can do.
1. Liners. This is a toilet paper like strip that you can put on your diaper so that when your baby poops all you have to do is take the strip and flush it down the toilet.
2. Diaper sprayer. I just got one, and it's currently sitting in front of me waiting to be installed. Its a hose you attach to your toilet to spray the poop off. I can't wait to write a review for this!! Pretty much I'm excited.
3. Dunk the diaper in the toilet to be rid of the poop. Also you can use toilet paper to wipe it off. I heard that one mom scrapped it off with a plastic spoon. Gross, I know.

NOTE TO BREASTFEEDERS!!!!! If your baby is 100% breastfed (no solids) all you have to do is wash them. The poop will just dissolve SAFELY in you washer. One more perk to breastfeeding!

Ok now to actually washing them. Now you have to find what works for you. But this is what most people do.
Cold wash to loosen and get rid of most or all poop still on the diaper.
HOT wash with 1/4 detergent then you would a normal cloth wash.
Dry either in the dryer or set them in the sun. The sun is a natural bleacher and sanitizes. If you use the dryer set on medium.
As for detergent. Go to this website that will help you pick out a type.
 If you are wanting a really great detergent that can get any stain out and is super amazing, get Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent. It's pretty much the best stuff out there.  And is CD safe!
There is a thing that you will have to do called stripping, but I'll do that another post. I'm sure you're very overwhelmed. And I'll also talk about diaper rash creams.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Question form a Friend on Mamapedia

Q.How do you use cloth diapers? How do you clean them and care for them so they last? I was raised on plain old cloth (I do mean cloth) diapers. I have no idea what they are like now but I heard it is different. It would be nice if you could write an article about using and cleaning them.

A. Well there are several different ways you can use cloth diapers since there are several different styles of cloth. First there are the traditional prefold like the ones our grandmother, but different (a piece of cloth folded in three's and the middle section is thicker)  Like this:
 Then you put it in a cover like this

This is where the traditional diaper pins can come into place. You can do three things.
1. Use diaper pins. I haven't used them so I wont go into details. But here are some pics. I don't suggest this since it's a bit dangerous. NOTE: I don't have diaper pins, so since this is a demo with a teddy bear so I went a head and used saftey pins. Which they basically are them, but diaper pins have plastic safety heads. And I will show you how to actually use the diaper in the snappi demo.

2. Use a Snappi which is a Y shapped tool that uses claws to catch the cloth. I know I used the word claws. SCARY. But no, not at all. Ok here is a step by step picture demo. Please let me know if you have any questions.
This is a prefold folded in thirds with the back wider so that it's easier to use.

Place the "baby" (Oliver's favorite teddy) on the diaper. Oh FYI the cloth part is called a diaper and the cover is called a cover or wrap.
Fold the front half over the baby and tuck the corner behind the back. If it makes more sense think of the green serged edge as the Velcro tab on a disposable to cover the front. I hope that helps.
This is a snappy. See how it has the claws? That is what goes attaches to the diaper. It's safe. No fear and is preferred over diaper pins.
Attach to one side. The claws will do all the work and attach.

Do the other side.

Then pull down on the bottom one. NOTE: Normally you don't hold down your baby's leg with your knee. . .It's just hard to do this with a stuffed bear. LOL.

This is a cover. This one is a Blueberry wrap. Those black dots on the top part below the velcro strip, is how you get the different sizes out of one diaper. This diaper has 3 sizes. Small, medium, and large.

Place your diapered baby on the cover.

And put on like a disposable! You do have to check that the cloth isn't sicking out of any of the holes or that the elastic around the leg is on the thigh and not in the crook of between the leg and torso.

3. Just placing the trifold in the cover.  Pretty simple. I do this during the day and the Snappi at night.

Ok so now here is the All in ones aka AIO (I'll refer to them as aio from now on). This is super easy. It's the one most like a disposables and the one I suggest to get to try out for newbies. Or do what I did and just emerged myself into the world of prefolds! Any who. They usually are take longer to dry because they have a fair amount of cotton to dry. I like the Sposoeasies because they have a section of the cotton that is sewn on one side so it's like a flap. Like so:
See! It take less time to dry.

And this is what it looks like with it folded in looking like how it should.

And this is how it looks like folded on Rowan the bear. Super easy!

Ok so I know there is one more type of diaper and this is called a pocket diaper. The two that I have are currently in the wash. . . So that will be tomorrow's post. Along with how to wash. I think this one is long enough.
And yes, If you notice my nails, the left side have a french nail paint job and the right is plain ugly. I tend to do this. I paint my nails because I'm bored, but then get bored doing it lol!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

EnviBums part 2!

Ok so I have been using the EnviBum wrap at night and I won't go back to any other diapers for night time. With the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Yeah that thing leaked half way through the night. So 4 nights ago I tried the prefold, hemp doubler and a thristies doubler with the Bummis wrap. I HAD to change it because it leaked. So the next night I tried the same combo but with the Envibum. I was able to go the entire night and nothing. So I haven't used the Bummies at all for 4 days. Pretty much I'm selling them and buy more Envibums and try their AIO. I'm excited!!!! If anyone wants to try the Bummis size large for $8. I have 4 of them. Only used for one month. . . :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Envi bums!

Soooo . . . I pretty much love the envi bums. Just saying. I really like the cover since its a once size and I don't have to guess it I should change the rise at all. It has elastic at every opening so it has a custom fit. It's quite nice. I don't have to wait for the cover to dry in between each change. On other covers it has a fabric outside and a fabric flap on the inside which it used (depending on who you talk with) to keep the prefold tucked in, or to make the stitches waterproof. (I tried to take pictures but my camera is not wanting to take pictures at the moment) So I only have two covers and I can diaper him for days with out having to throw them in the wash. I do wipe them with a wipe to clean it, but then dab it with the diaper to dry it. TADA! It's great. But alas with like with a lot of diapers it's for average size babies and not large bellied, thunder thighed babies. I feel it will last him to 35 lbs if he keeps going at the rate he is. But he has been slowing down with weight so it could very well go to 40 lbs like it's supposed to.But all in all I'm super happy with them.

OH!!!! So I also got some Green Mountain Diaper's hemp doubler and. I. Love. Them. I don't know how I ever got along with out the hemp. Before I would use one cloth-eez prefold, Gerber prefold, and a Thirstes doubler. It was HUGE!! I had to put oliver in 2-3t pj's just to fit over the diaper!! No bueno! So I asked around and got the advice to use hemp. So I bought some and will never go back. Now, I have only tried it for half a night, but usually it was soaked at his midnight change. Tonight I'm not even going to attempt a change just to see how well they do, but Oh yeah last night I changed him into his hemp doubler at 2 am and when i changed him in the morning that diaper could have gone for hours more. Again it normally would be soaked. I'm happy with them. If you couldn't tell. So this past weeks new diaper ventures have be grand ones!!
Here is the innerds of the diaper. This is my prefold that I made. You can see how there is elastic everywhere to make it a custom fit.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why I cloth diaper

Ok so many of my friends wonder why I cloth diaper. Well the very first reason why I cloth is because of the price. Cloth for the most basic "package or system" $200 can last from birth to potty training. Disposables for 3 years of diapering can cost $2,000. You can do the math.  Unfortunately I have to part time cloth since day cares here in Utah if they are State funded or whatever program I'm in, are not allowed to use cloth. So I'm still spending a fair amount of money on both. But not as much as I would if I was full time disposables.Oh and for a speech I had to do for a class I wrote on facts about CDing and I found in two years of washing 2-3 loads of diapers it will only cost $14 extra in your water bill. AND you can reuse the diapers for multiple babies as long as you treat them nice.
 Ok so here is the tricky thing to talk about. The environment. Some people claim that the water to wash the diapers is worse then the diapers going to the landfill. Which if you do the math, on average a baby will go through 5,000 diapers. And that's if you are able to train at 3 years. And according to some studies it can take up to 500 years for one diaper to biodegrade. Now that is just a study, so it's not accurate, but even if it takes 100 years.. . that's a lot of years.Here are the stats on landfill and tree usage. 24.7 billion disposables are used a year. 92% of those diapers end up in landfills. 300lbs of wood, 50lbs of petroleum feedstock, 20lbs of bleach, 2.3 times more water used in producing disposables than cloth PER BABY!
Now for chemicals in diapers. This i'm not so happy with. All of the materials in the disposables are bleached, a bi product of bleaching are dioxins.EPA linked liver cancer, immune suppression, and lab rat genetic mutations to dioxins. Sodium Polyacrylate is the absorbant chemical that can absorb 200-300 times its weight in liquid. If ingested can cause breathing problems including asthma, Cause severe rashes, bleeding from perineum and scrotum tissue, fever, vomiting, and staph infection. In 1985 was banned from tampons because it was linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome. If as little as 5 grams is swallowed, it can kill a child.

Brooke, this next part is for you. Poop. It's inevitable. You can't escape it. When I was using disposables every time Oliver relived himself, there was a blowout. Normally there was hardly any in the diaper and everything everywhere. I can't tell you how many loads of laundry I did just from blowouts alone. Now that I have started cloth, I've only had one blow out and that's because Oliver had a stomach bug and it was pure liquid (TMI, I know. But you will get used to it). BUT with cloth you do have to wash it. Even wipe if off in the toilet since you don't want all the poop in you washer. But there are products that can help. My favorite (even though I haven't tried them yet, I will soon. Just lack of money) are flushable liners. They usually come in a pack of 100 for $7-$9  They go on top of the cloth so that when he/she poops you can just flush it down the toilet and dissolves in 20-30 days. Less mess for you to deal with. Also there are sprayers that you can attach to your toilet so that you don't have to do so much work to get the matter off. So you still have to clean, just not as bad. And honestly washing them isn't bad at all. But that's another post some other time.
So here is the latest cuteness! He loves Kix cereal and has found a new place to store it other than his cheeks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making my own prefold and new diapers and prefolds!!!!

Oh today is such a happy day when it comes to diapers. I think I just might have found the diaper that I will buy a thousand of.  SposoEasy AIO APLIX-Aqua Large and I love it!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word it fit just like a disposable. When I got him dressed, I couldn't even tell that it was a cloth diaper. Which has been one of my biggest problem is putting pants on O. He has such a huge diaper butt. But with the SposoEasy it wasn't there at all. Another good one I like is a white prefold that is nameless. I did get it from I do love that website! It's another good website!

 Here is the SposoEasy

Here is the white prefold along with a diaper that I made. I'll talk about that one on tomorrow's post after I've tried it out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bummis Super Wisper Wrap

Got 4 covers and I'm not a fan. I wish I would have only gotten 0. They fit. and that's about it. Leak and leak. There is supposedly the built-in gusset in the leg, but it's just a slight elastic in the leg. . .and wetness can get out. Not only that but this certain cover does not have a ton of prints. . . not the biggest issue, but I like having cute prints. I most defiantly will be selling these to recover my losses with them. I am however excited to try Envibums mom to mom diaper cover and inserts. Can't wait for those to get here! Will tell you how those go once I get them. Shipping takes FOREVER!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ok so I did do my research when I bought the Thirsties Duo. . . and I didn't pay attention to people suggesting that they only fit to 35lbs instead of the 40 like they say. So Oliver is about 30. . . and they leak. I've tried asking several people including Karen from Green Mountain Diapers. I did all her suggestions, but they still leak. For a while they didn't. But now they are again. Sigh! So I'm selling the covers if anybody wants them. $9 each and I have 5 (so glad I didn't buy more) 3 Aplix. Two green and One Blue. 2 snaps one blue and one cools stripes. Oh and they are the size 2. Let me know if anybody wants them!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry for not writing lately. We had an emergency move. So things with the Thirsties Duo Wrap and Cloth-Eez prefolds are doing well. I had some mishaps with leaking, but I asked Karen at Green Mountain Diapers and she helped me figure out what was wrong. On the inside of the wrap there is a pocket type thing. I was told to put the cloth in the pocket. But Karen says not to. It's used to add extra protection to the diaper since the stitching around the aplix and snaps aren't waterproof. So today we have had no leaks. YAY!
But in the mean time O has decided to start doing the fish face. Here is my attempt to get it on film. Such a cute bugger.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new blog I found!!!

So just putting along on my facebook and on the side here pops a cloth diaper like page!! I'm so there!! It led me to this blog and I'm super excited to find the time to read it! There also is a contest to win a wet bag which I really need.(hint hint) I haven't really been able to travel since all I have is a ziplock bag to put the icky diapers in. But if I don't win it, I'm still going to get the one it's giving away. It's a Planet Wise wet bag. They are sooo cute!! The real "title" Is a Swim/diaper bag.  Here is her telling about it. It fits 13 dry CD's and "For swim lessons I put in: a towel, a blanket for my son to sit on, water wings and toys and snacks.  There was tons of room left!" Here is the link to enter that if you so wish.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok first of here is the site that talks about different commercial and "special order" (as in hae to order it online or search at different stores) laundry detergent that are safe for cloth.

Ok so a friend on is wondering about cloth diapers. I told her I'd explain the different kind of diapers that are out there. Yes, there are different kinds. It's great!

Currently I am using prefolds and a cover. This is the most inexpensive route to go. Baiscally it is a sheet of cloth folded into thirds with the middle section which is thicker and more layers (I'll add photo's later tomorrow when I can get to my camera.) The cover is a cover. Go figure. It's made of a special vinyl or plastic. I can't remeber. But don't ever use a vinyl. Has way to many chemicals, which is why we us PUL. Any who it's a cover that holds in the wettness.
Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-Eez on the left and the Gerber prefolds on left

 Folded prefolds

Placed nicely in cover
A pocket diaper is what I'm going to be purchasing next. The Air Biscuits are a pocket diaper. What it is, is a diaper cover with a liner of fleece. In the back it isn't sewn all the way. That is where you stuff the diaper with inserts. Which is basically a prefold, but it's not (also pics to follow). You then put the diaper on! It's great. I want some! I'm going to purchase some fuzzy bunz to see how they are.
 The two white things are the inserts for the Air Biscuits.

All in ones (AIO) are just like a disposable, but you wash and reuse. It has a PUL cover and the insets are attached. The advantages of this is that you just put it on the baby, but I hear that they take a while to dry :(

A fitted diaper is a prefold that already is in the shape of a diaper. You will need a PUL cover for these.

Ok I swear I will have pics up by tomorrow night. I just need sleep tonight. (Oliver hasn't been a good sleeper yet again. I thought he was doing so well. .. nope.)
 Oliver playing with his clean diapers. Fresh from the dryer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cloth-ezz prefolds part 2

Ok so last night we tried the cloth-ezz. I liked them. I didn't have to change him all night. Well I'm not sure how just the folds were. Silly me put a doubler on it so I don't quite know how good they are. Tonight will be the ultimate test!
Ok so I don't like how bulky the prefold is. I hope the other sizes are different. Yet again, once payday/child support arrives I'll be buying the right size and hopefully they are bulk like the toddler size is. I do love how freaking soft they are! I'm a big fabric softener person so not using it is killing me. But I'm not needing it on these so far. I'm sure the are only going to get softer. 
Ok so I'm going to talk about my favorite way of washing my diapers so far. I'm still new so I'm sure I'll find something else. I rinse my diapers out really well when they are soiled with the really icky stuff. put them back in the pail, put a smidgen bit of baking soda (or powder. I can't ever remember which one. The one in the orange box) to help the smell not be so bad in between washes. On wash day I soak in hot water for about a half an hour with 1/2 the amount of detergent than a normal wash, then put it on HOT water for a long cycle. The pop them in the dryer. Now this only my first month of CDing so this more than likely will change.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cloth-ezz prefolds.

Ok so I just bought Cloth-ezz prefolds from and so far I love them! They are nice and thick and SUPER absorbent with my water tests (after prewashing them 4-5 times, I check to see if all of the oils are gone and to see how absorbent they are by dropping a couple drops of water on them and see how fast they are absorbed). Currently they are on my sleeping son. I feel that a night time test is the best way to see how great they really are.
I messed up. I was thinking I needed to order the toddler sizes since he is a giant. No. They are HUGE!!!!!!!!  When I first opened the package I figured they would shrink to be a better fit. Well they did shrink, but not enough. So since I washed them, I couldn't return them so I went to my serger and serged to the right size. So tomorrow morning I can tell you just how great they are.
One thing I don't like about the toddler size (I am not sure about the other sizes) is that they are really bulky. I'm guessing it's because of the size of them. So I'm not sure if they will be his day diaper. Could be a good night diaper. Anywho, I'll tell you about them tomorrow.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Three Diapers!

Ok here are the three different kind of diaper's I'm using. Huggies snug and fit, Thirsties duo with aplix (I just ordered some with snaps, since I was reading snaps do better for bigger babies) and Air Biscuits.

Huggies Snug and Fit size 4

Thirsties Duo with Aplix Size 2
I have ordered mine from

Air Biscuits pocket diaper 

Now that I have used my diapers well and are now getting nicely stained I'm reading up on lots of ways to "whiten" the prefolds and inserts. My favorite way that I've come across is sitting them out in the sun, and just before they are all the way dry, pop them into the dryer to lessen that crinkly feeling.
I'm also on payday going to by Bummis Bio-Soft Flushable Diaper Liners from green mountain diapers. I'm super excited about these. I'm one that once something gets dirty I need to clean it. And going out into public and cleaning a poopy diaper wont be well received by the public. So the liners, I'm sure, are a God sent! Oh payday! Why can't you be today??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My son is large. . .

So this blog is going to be about raising a large baby.There aren't many tips or facts about raising a large baby. Just small or regular size. My son at 2 months was wearing 6 month clothing. Now he is 7 months, 27lbs, and 29 inches wearing 24 month-2T clothing. I am currently trying to cloth diaper him and am finding difficult to find large a wide variety of diapers that go to 40lbs. I am afraid of buying a bunch and Oliver outgrowing them soon. He hasn't shown any signs of slowing down with the weight. I know he will once he starts being mobile, but I am still afraid.
Currently the diapers that I amusing are Thirsties Duo with Aplix and Air Biscuits. I like them both. They have their ups and downs. Thirsties I'm sure just might make it to the 40lbs it says can go to. AB's are a pocket diaper and I love that fact. I always feel that I'm not putting the prefold right in the wrap. So with the pocket you can't go wrong. The insert is shaped like the cover so it's a no brainer on how to put them in. The fit however doesn't seem to work well with my baby. I only have one at the moment so I'm not sure how it consistently wraps around him since it's 2 or three day's between him wearing it.
The Thirsties, I'm not sure how the inserts are. I stupidly didn't buy anything but the wrap! One more reason why I am writing this. I hope to give a laments guide to picking and buying cloth diapers. I don't want people to buy just the wrap like me! Silly me. Anywho. Currently I am using Gerber prefolds. . . don't ever buy them except as a burp cloth. They suck! Let's just say they don't hold a whole lot. So as soon as I get paid/child support I am going to buy Cloth-Eez prefolds. I hear that they are really good and they have several sizes, organic, bleached vs not bleached prefolds. I'm excited for that. So anyway, back to the wraps. They have leaked. And I'm not sure if that's because it's to tight, loose, or what not. So I'm not really judging until I have better inserts or prefolds. Till next time! Here is an adorable picture of my boy in Thirsties Duo!