Monday, December 6, 2010

Switching to Forward Facing

So I'm one of those mom's who are all about keeping their child rear facing (RF) as long as possible. Oliver will be 14 months in a couple days and I decided it was time to turn him around. Why? Well every time he is his seat, he screams. Not just, "Mom, take me out now." but, "MOM I'M GOING TO KILL YOU WITH MY EYES IF YOU DON'T TAKE ME OUT!!!" Yeah, that's right. He's developed the ability to kill with his eyes. Also charm, now that's the deadly one.
Anywho. Now that he is forward facing (FF) things are so much nicer. And it's only been two days. He's only had one little creaming fit and that is because of my inability to remember his sippy cup.
So I'm guessing your wondering why I'm talking about which way a car seat is positioned on a cloth diaper blog. Well I suddenly realized I'd advertised this as a cloth diaper and anything else mom/baby related in my introductory paragraph at the top. So well I'm going to start talking more about baby items since I've found most of Oliver's cloth diapers. Don't get me wrong I still am going to talk about diapers, tips, tricks, and hints, but I'll start talking about products I've used.

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