Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cloth-ezz prefolds.

Ok so I just bought Cloth-ezz prefolds from greenmountiandiapers.com and so far I love them! They are nice and thick and SUPER absorbent with my water tests (after prewashing them 4-5 times, I check to see if all of the oils are gone and to see how absorbent they are by dropping a couple drops of water on them and see how fast they are absorbed). Currently they are on my sleeping son. I feel that a night time test is the best way to see how great they really are.
I messed up. I was thinking I needed to order the toddler sizes since he is a giant. No. They are HUGE!!!!!!!!  When I first opened the package I figured they would shrink to be a better fit. Well they did shrink, but not enough. So since I washed them, I couldn't return them so I went to my serger and serged to the right size. So tomorrow morning I can tell you just how great they are.
One thing I don't like about the toddler size (I am not sure about the other sizes) is that they are really bulky. I'm guessing it's because of the size of them. So I'm not sure if they will be his day diaper. Could be a good night diaper. Anywho, I'll tell you about them tomorrow.

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