Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making my own prefold and new diapers and prefolds!!!!

Oh today is such a happy day when it comes to diapers. I think I just might have found the diaper that I will buy a thousand of.  SposoEasy AIO APLIX-Aqua Large and I love it!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word it fit just like a disposable. When I got him dressed, I couldn't even tell that it was a cloth diaper. Which has been one of my biggest problem is putting pants on O. He has such a huge diaper butt. But with the SposoEasy it wasn't there at all. Another good one I like is a white prefold that is nameless. I did get it from Nickiesdiapers.com. I do love that website! It's another good website!

 Here is the SposoEasy

Here is the white prefold along with a diaper that I made. I'll talk about that one on tomorrow's post after I've tried it out.

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