Sunday, August 8, 2010

Envi bums!

Soooo . . . I pretty much love the envi bums. Just saying. I really like the cover since its a once size and I don't have to guess it I should change the rise at all. It has elastic at every opening so it has a custom fit. It's quite nice. I don't have to wait for the cover to dry in between each change. On other covers it has a fabric outside and a fabric flap on the inside which it used (depending on who you talk with) to keep the prefold tucked in, or to make the stitches waterproof. (I tried to take pictures but my camera is not wanting to take pictures at the moment) So I only have two covers and I can diaper him for days with out having to throw them in the wash. I do wipe them with a wipe to clean it, but then dab it with the diaper to dry it. TADA! It's great. But alas with like with a lot of diapers it's for average size babies and not large bellied, thunder thighed babies. I feel it will last him to 35 lbs if he keeps going at the rate he is. But he has been slowing down with weight so it could very well go to 40 lbs like it's supposed to.But all in all I'm super happy with them.

OH!!!! So I also got some Green Mountain Diaper's hemp doubler and. I. Love. Them. I don't know how I ever got along with out the hemp. Before I would use one cloth-eez prefold, Gerber prefold, and a Thirstes doubler. It was HUGE!! I had to put oliver in 2-3t pj's just to fit over the diaper!! No bueno! So I asked around and got the advice to use hemp. So I bought some and will never go back. Now, I have only tried it for half a night, but usually it was soaked at his midnight change. Tonight I'm not even going to attempt a change just to see how well they do, but Oh yeah last night I changed him into his hemp doubler at 2 am and when i changed him in the morning that diaper could have gone for hours more. Again it normally would be soaked. I'm happy with them. If you couldn't tell. So this past weeks new diaper ventures have be grand ones!!
Here is the innerds of the diaper. This is my prefold that I made. You can see how there is elastic everywhere to make it a custom fit.

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