Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok since starting cloth diapering the big problem with it was trying to cover my son's butt with something other than the diaper. During the summer I just used rompers and all was good, but now that it's getting close to winter, rompers are not practical. Especially here in our lovely warm Utah winters. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Right. Anywho, so I have been on the search for the perfect pair of pants that fit over his cloth butt. I have looked everywhere! Thrift store, department stores, Old Navy (I have found a pair of shorts that fit him, but can't find pants), Babies R Us, Wal-Mart, Online, asked mamas on mamapedia. I was about ready to give up cloth when we went out of the house because I just couldn't find pants!!
Well my job is a 2 minute walk from Kmart and I was walking to find something to eat, and they were having a sidewalk sale. So I found some shirts, so I went in and decided to look at their clothes. Well of course I was curious about their pants. At first I was dissapointed. I couldn't find a size that I thought would fit him. Then I remembered that most pants that he fits are in the T's. 2t was way to small, but 3t!! 3t just might do it. I then remembered that I only had $20 with me. Sad. But I looked at the price tag, $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my shirt purchases and the pants being as cheap as they are I could buy 2 pairs! Well, maybe I should only do one pair so that i'm not out more money if they don't fit.
The time I was able to put on those pair of pants was one of those VOILA! moment. Oh it was wonderful! They fit him comfortably, no red mark, fit over his big butt, not those horrible stiff jeans that don't move how babies move. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! No more worrying about what to do during the winter. I know, I could have just put him in sweat pants all winter long. But you know, sometimes sweat pants just don't cut it. So Wonder Kids brand, THANK YOU!!!!!

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