Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My son is large. . .

So this blog is going to be about raising a large baby.There aren't many tips or facts about raising a large baby. Just small or regular size. My son at 2 months was wearing 6 month clothing. Now he is 7 months, 27lbs, and 29 inches wearing 24 month-2T clothing. I am currently trying to cloth diaper him and am finding difficult to find large a wide variety of diapers that go to 40lbs. I am afraid of buying a bunch and Oliver outgrowing them soon. He hasn't shown any signs of slowing down with the weight. I know he will once he starts being mobile, but I am still afraid.
Currently the diapers that I amusing are Thirsties Duo with Aplix and Air Biscuits. I like them both. They have their ups and downs. Thirsties I'm sure just might make it to the 40lbs it says can go to. AB's are a pocket diaper and I love that fact. I always feel that I'm not putting the prefold right in the wrap. So with the pocket you can't go wrong. The insert is shaped like the cover so it's a no brainer on how to put them in. The fit however doesn't seem to work well with my baby. I only have one at the moment so I'm not sure how it consistently wraps around him since it's 2 or three day's between him wearing it.
The Thirsties, I'm not sure how the inserts are. I stupidly didn't buy anything but the wrap! One more reason why I am writing this. I hope to give a laments guide to picking and buying cloth diapers. I don't want people to buy just the wrap like me! Silly me. Anywho. Currently I am using Gerber prefolds. . . don't ever buy them except as a burp cloth. They suck! Let's just say they don't hold a whole lot. So as soon as I get paid/child support I am going to buy Cloth-Eez prefolds. I hear that they are really good and they have several sizes, organic, bleached vs not bleached prefolds. I'm excited for that. So anyway, back to the wraps. They have leaked. And I'm not sure if that's because it's to tight, loose, or what not. So I'm not really judging until I have better inserts or prefolds. Till next time! Here is an adorable picture of my boy in Thirsties Duo!



  1. He sure is an adorably large baby!

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  2. Thanks Chantel. I wasn't to sure on how to get more people. Where do you go for the blog parties??

  3. I just want to pinch his little cheeks!

  4. Aren't they just so adorable??