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Part two of my Mamapedia friends question

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The "claw" wont go through the fabric. They are designed not to, and there is way to much fabric to try and go through.

The cover is the modernized "plastic pants". It's made out of PUL fabric. Which stands for polyurethane laminated. It's in place if the vinyl pants that ugh. I can't believe were ever used. I tried making a sample diaper out of it and I about died. It's a type of fabric that is used in the medical field. It's cheap and can with stand a lot of use and washes.

Sizes are by weight mostly. There are types of diapers that are one size till they are potty trained. Which for out big kids is impossible to do. The usually go up to 40-45 lbs. Those are called One Size Diapers. So there are diapers out there called All in One, One size diapers. That's the brown diaper that I have pics of. But if it's a one size it will have snaps in the middle of the front. To show you here is a picture of one. Ok well it's a link to a AIO one size.

Example of a All In One
p.s. I love Nicki's Diapers. They are GREAT!!

I hope this helped. I am not off to go write about washing diapers. Hey you can text me if you'd like. Personal message me on Mamapedia your number if you want and you can ask me any question there too.

Ok So pocket diaper. . . you will need a small anatomy lesson. Don't run away!!! It's not bad at all. This is the most popular diaper and I'm sure you'll love it!

So there is the PUL fabric (mentioned above) outer and orange in this picture, and then a layer of fabric (white here) usually fleece or some other cotton, hemp, or microfiber material.

  These are sewn together, but at the top of the back there is left a hole open. And that is why they call it a pocket. .  because it is a pocket. A pocket of coolness!!

 This is where you put inserts and doublers (basically just fabric pieces).

   This is also a great easy way to cloth diaper and again the most popular. I guess now is a good time to mention the difference between Snap closures or Aplix.  In this picture there are snaps. In my Blueberry cover it's Aplix. Like below.
Basically Aplix is a preferred version of Velcro. Velcro is super rough, and Aplix is softer. . I guess. It's the only way to describe it. Although some diaper makers use Velcro. So I like Aplix/Velcro and snaps. But for larger babies Aplix/Velcro is better because you have an more custom fit.

Ok WASHING. Most people do not like this idea. But it's really truly NOT BAD AT ALL! You really have to try washing the diapers before you judge.
So lets talk prewashing machine. Poop. It's going to happen. There are different things you can do.
1. Liners. This is a toilet paper like strip that you can put on your diaper so that when your baby poops all you have to do is take the strip and flush it down the toilet.
2. Diaper sprayer. I just got one, and it's currently sitting in front of me waiting to be installed. Its a hose you attach to your toilet to spray the poop off. I can't wait to write a review for this!! Pretty much I'm excited.
3. Dunk the diaper in the toilet to be rid of the poop. Also you can use toilet paper to wipe it off. I heard that one mom scrapped it off with a plastic spoon. Gross, I know.

NOTE TO BREASTFEEDERS!!!!! If your baby is 100% breastfed (no solids) all you have to do is wash them. The poop will just dissolve SAFELY in you washer. One more perk to breastfeeding!

Ok now to actually washing them. Now you have to find what works for you. But this is what most people do.
Cold wash to loosen and get rid of most or all poop still on the diaper.
HOT wash with 1/4 detergent then you would a normal cloth wash.
Dry either in the dryer or set them in the sun. The sun is a natural bleacher and sanitizes. If you use the dryer set on medium.
As for detergent. Go to this website that will help you pick out a type.
 If you are wanting a really great detergent that can get any stain out and is super amazing, get Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent. It's pretty much the best stuff out there.  And is CD safe!
There is a thing that you will have to do called stripping, but I'll do that another post. I'm sure you're very overwhelmed. And I'll also talk about diaper rash creams.

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