Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bleach. . . IT'S OK TO USE!!!!!

I can not tell you how many times I want to scream at people that an occasional use (once a month or less) is not going to kill, destroy, or melt your diapers. Bumgenius recommends it and they are one of the leading manufacturers out there! They do only say once a month. Not every wash or every other. Once a month to make sure nasties are gone.

I decided to try something. I wanted to see if a 50/50 ratio of a 6 hour soaking of bleach, Puex 2 (color safe bleach), and borax would hurt PUL, elastic, or make the color run or fade on PUL.
Left is control with just water, Purex 2, Bleach, borax
 I really only meant this to be a 2 hour soak, but my sister ended up visiting us that day, so I wasn't able to do as many pics of the before and after that I wanted. But what I got still shows that it's ok.

The stats before:
2" of elastic, (fully stretched to 6 inches.)
1 piece of white PUL
1 piece of pink PUL
50/50 water to bleach, Purex 2, and Clorox in their own container

6 hours later

6 hours later:
2" of elastic which could stretch to 6 inches still
same size White and Pink PUL with no runs or staining an all the swatches.

 In this pic you don't see any color runs, holes, or giant melting off spots.

Sadly since I was one handed, I couldn't get a good pic of a before and after of the elastic stretched out. But believe me, it stretched the same amount as before AND no more than that too.

This ratio was a 50/50 mix of the diaper killer for 6 (six) HOUR soaking period. Because they survived and would still be able to be used; I doubt a 3/4 a cup if bleach in a 40 gallon drum (or 640 cups) will ruin your diapers. Washing once a month with bleach will NOT kill your diapers. Using borax or Clorox 2 (or Purex 2) as an occasional additive will also NOT kill your diapers. Obviously if you have a cotton print and you use regular bleach, that will fade your print. But that is what color safe bleach is for. :)

Here is a pretty good blog about borax if you are worried about health safety. I will get around to doing a washing test with borax.