Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok first of here is the site that talks about different commercial and "special order" (as in hae to order it online or search at different stores) laundry detergent that are safe for cloth.

Ok so a friend on is wondering about cloth diapers. I told her I'd explain the different kind of diapers that are out there. Yes, there are different kinds. It's great!

Currently I am using prefolds and a cover. This is the most inexpensive route to go. Baiscally it is a sheet of cloth folded into thirds with the middle section which is thicker and more layers (I'll add photo's later tomorrow when I can get to my camera.) The cover is a cover. Go figure. It's made of a special vinyl or plastic. I can't remeber. But don't ever use a vinyl. Has way to many chemicals, which is why we us PUL. Any who it's a cover that holds in the wettness.
Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-Eez on the left and the Gerber prefolds on left

 Folded prefolds

Placed nicely in cover
A pocket diaper is what I'm going to be purchasing next. The Air Biscuits are a pocket diaper. What it is, is a diaper cover with a liner of fleece. In the back it isn't sewn all the way. That is where you stuff the diaper with inserts. Which is basically a prefold, but it's not (also pics to follow). You then put the diaper on! It's great. I want some! I'm going to purchase some fuzzy bunz to see how they are.
 The two white things are the inserts for the Air Biscuits.

All in ones (AIO) are just like a disposable, but you wash and reuse. It has a PUL cover and the insets are attached. The advantages of this is that you just put it on the baby, but I hear that they take a while to dry :(

A fitted diaper is a prefold that already is in the shape of a diaper. You will need a PUL cover for these.

Ok I swear I will have pics up by tomorrow night. I just need sleep tonight. (Oliver hasn't been a good sleeper yet again. I thought he was doing so well. .. nope.)
 Oliver playing with his clean diapers. Fresh from the dryer.