Saturday, February 19, 2011


Go and check out my Burpkerchiefs!! They are burp clothes that I can monogram like a handkerchief. I thought it was a very cute and adorable idea to mix modern prints with an old fashion idea. These are great for gifts and something a mom wouldn't mind taking out into public! Has a layer of 100% cotton fleece and a 100% cotton soaker pad in the middle.
I can also customize it to be a prefold diaper cloth! I can insert more soaker pads, even a hemp to make it more absorbent. Let me know. I'll be uploading more prints that I have. But here is the one that is currently up on Etsy

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm going to be attemting potty training dun dun dun.

So today I lost my job. Joy of all joys. But that means I can be home with my boy more until I can find a replacement job. In the meantime I want to start potty training Oliver. This should be lots of fun, and hopefully will get me to post more! This week I'm also off from school, so I have tons of time on my hands.
I've just ordered Blueberry Cloth Trainers and Diapeze Traineze. I'm super excited to get both. The Traineze wont be done for another 3 weeks because she is a work at home mom and is quite popular. She can also have her print anything on PUL. I want to try it out sometime! You should check her our on Facebook. I love how she has a discussion every night where we can ask any question and get responses back from other CDing mom's. It's great and has helped me out a lot. Oh I should also mention she uses measurements, not just weight! Great for our large bummed babies!
So I think tomorrow will be spent cleaning and starting to potty train little O. In the mean time here are some of Blueberry's Trainer colors and prints. I'm getting the stripes and blue ones. . .I think. I should find out. Not that it matters. Like blue one's hold in more than the stripes!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thirtsies Duo Wrap attempt #Dos

Ok so as previously posted before, they stopped working well with Oliver. I'm sure it was because he was 30 pounds but looked like he was 50. So much chub. Well now that he is thinning out, I have decided to try them again. I love the blackbird print to much. I know, silly reason. But hey, that's me. So I placed the order two days ago and am waiting for some to come! I'm super excited! Especially since I know more about cloth and the normal Thirsties worked so well for us. Cross our fingers it will be here on Monday!