Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thirsties . . .not duo wrap!

So thanks to Sweet Baby Bottoms  and my commenting on a Facebook post, I had an opportunity and the guts to try out the Thirsties regular diaper cover!!! And I love it!! It fits like an up to 40 pound diaper should fit. I was so scared to try them since trying out the Dup Wrap did not work out for my large baby. He's in the cover right now and fits wonderfully! I was able to fit the GMD (check them out Here)prefold with a Thirsties insert and a hemp prefold. In my other wraps there was a gap, with that much cloth, at his tummy which I'm surprised didn't leak out! If there are any problems I'll let you all know, but for now they are FABULOUS!!


  1. . . . . Only about half of that made sense. LOL! I am SO glad I'm done with diapers!

  2. Well Brie one day you might have another one. Who knows.