Monday, June 28, 2010

Ok so I did do my research when I bought the Thirsties Duo. . . and I didn't pay attention to people suggesting that they only fit to 35lbs instead of the 40 like they say. So Oliver is about 30. . . and they leak. I've tried asking several people including Karen from Green Mountain Diapers. I did all her suggestions, but they still leak. For a while they didn't. But now they are again. Sigh! So I'm selling the covers if anybody wants them. $9 each and I have 5 (so glad I didn't buy more) 3 Aplix. Two green and One Blue. 2 snaps one blue and one cools stripes. Oh and they are the size 2. Let me know if anybody wants them!


  1. If you still have them we'll take them.

  2. Yea I still have them! A lot of interests but no one bought. Hey why aren't you following me?