Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Woombie. . . I love them.

So I know my son no longer uses swaddles, but I'm still going to review the one I had used when Ollie did.
I love The Woombie!! It basically was a peanut shape sack.
-It seems like it wouldn't be able to hold the baby down from squirming.
-Well that's right! Babies naturally wiggle in their sleep. This allows them to still wiggle, but not let them hit their faces. Which them hitting themselves is what really wakes them up. It was a lightweight cotton knit so you could layer underneath or if it was hot you could just to a diaper and then the Woombie.  I didn't know about this product when my son was first born otherwise I would immediately have bought it. A girl needs to sleep. I got it when he was 3 months old and when his other swaddle (it was the Summer brand one-pictured below) didn't hold him in anymore.
5 Seconds after this picture he woke up. That was fun. Anywho, I love The Woombie. It was great! Easy to wash, use, and wean off of. When I have another baby, I will most defiantly be stocking up on more of them.
I have seen on their website that they have new versions of The Woombie. It looks like better ones than the one I had! One has flaps on the arms that when it comes time to wean, then all you do is open the flaps. There even is one with legs so that you can use it in strollers. They also have one with both legs, and the arm things so that when you are out and about, you can still use it. (Only use with the babies arms out so that the straps will properly fit over the baby if using in the car seat or in stroller. Safety first!) So I'd highly suggest this product!!!!

No go with the potty training.

So I tried to potty train Oliver, but his body has decided that it wants to still pee every time I'm not keeping a 100% eye on him. So we are going to try again at 18 months. In the mean time I'm still going to be putting him on the potty every night, and morning, even after naps. Sooo He's now 17 months, so soon!!