Thursday, October 21, 2010

Special Orders and the awsomeness of All Natural Baby Center!

So as we all know Ollie has a big butt. He's a giant, what can I say? So often times I have to search for stores that have his size of diapers. I also have discovered that I love Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Diapers. Not only are they going to fit Oliver for quite a while, but they have cute colors!! But anywho, so I have to search for them. On Facebook I'm a fan of All Natural Baby Center and they were having a promotion that if you buy a Fuzzibunz diaper then you get a free additional insert. Of course they didn't have Ollie's size, so I asked how long they were going to have their promotion going on (money issues holding off my purchase at the time) and when they would have his size. Well they don't normally carry his size, but would be willing to order some in just for me. YAY!! Just for me!! And by the time they arrived was when I got paid! Nice. So after a series of emails about what diapers I want, deciding against the diapers I thought I wanted, but then decided that I didn't, but oh wait I wanted to buy some Thirsites wraps and hemp prefold. Then forgetting to pay for one of the diapers, and then even more additions I finally was done ordering and changing my mind. I'm sure we sent each other 10 or 15 emails.  Easily. 
So basically what I'm saying is that I love They are awesome, understanding, and have great communications with their customers. Not only that but they have awesome sales, deals, and free shipping on 2 bags or more on Rockin' Green Detergent. Which for me, the reason why I never bought it, was because of the shipping. Stupid Shipping. Also they have $5 shipping on everything under $25 and free above $25. How awesome!! So lots of love is headed toward All Natural Baby Center!!!
Sorry about the poor quality, took it with my phone. But it was a great day when this arrived!

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