Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cloth-ezz prefolds part 2

Ok so last night we tried the cloth-ezz. I liked them. I didn't have to change him all night. Well I'm not sure how just the folds were. Silly me put a doubler on it so I don't quite know how good they are. Tonight will be the ultimate test!
Ok so I don't like how bulky the prefold is. I hope the other sizes are different. Yet again, once payday/child support arrives I'll be buying the right size and hopefully they are bulk like the toddler size is. I do love how freaking soft they are! I'm a big fabric softener person so not using it is killing me. But I'm not needing it on these so far. I'm sure the are only going to get softer. 
Ok so I'm going to talk about my favorite way of washing my diapers so far. I'm still new so I'm sure I'll find something else. I rinse my diapers out really well when they are soiled with the really icky stuff. put them back in the pail, put a smidgen bit of baking soda (or powder. I can't ever remember which one. The one in the orange box) to help the smell not be so bad in between washes. On wash day I soak in hot water for about a half an hour with 1/2 the amount of detergent than a normal wash, then put it on HOT water for a long cycle. The pop them in the dryer. Now this only my first month of CDing so this more than likely will change.

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