Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new blog I found!!!

So just putting along on my facebook and on the side here pops a cloth diaper like page!! I'm so there!! It led me to this blog and I'm super excited to find the time to read it! There also is a contest to win a wet bag which I really need.(hint hint) I haven't really been able to travel since all I have is a ziplock bag to put the icky diapers in. But if I don't win it, I'm still going to get the one it's giving away. It's a Planet Wise wet bag. They are sooo cute!! The real "title" Is a Swim/diaper bag.  Here is her telling about it. It fits 13 dry CD's and "For swim lessons I put in: a towel, a blanket for my son to sit on, water wings and toys and snacks.  There was tons of room left!" Here is the link to enter that if you so wish.

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