Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh Katy diapers

My favorite color: Twilight
 Oh Katy is an amazing diaper. It looks small compared to other diapers, but O can actually fit in it for quite awhile. The pictures show that on one side he's two snaps in, but on the other side he's three in. I tried today and he can actually go three in on each side. O has been thinning out, but is still super chunky.
Why do I like these so much? They are decently trim. GREAT for longer periods of time. I use both new born and large insert (has snaps on it so you can make it smaller too) for optimal protection. I especially love these because no matter how many times I would tell my daycare not to, they would keep O in a diaper for way to long. So both inserts are amazing!!
But I think my all time favorite feature of Oh Katy diapers is this:
If you  have quick run to the store our to a neighbors house, they are designed to "roll up" like a disposable would, in case you forgot your webag, you can just roll it up and everything will be safe.

The one and only downfall I think to this diaper is the one that makes it so unique. For boys I usually don't recommend a front opening pocket, just because that is where boys pee whereas girls pee in the middle. BUT I can show you and easy way not to get your fingers dirty while taking out the inserts.

First stick your fingers in the farthest corner. Usually if its a day time use, pee hasn't gotten this far over.

Flip flap over so it has a GIANT pocket opening

Turn upside down and shake out. Shaking is how I usually get my inserts out without touching anything.

So if I had another chunky baby, would I buy more Oh Katies?? You bet I would!

**Oh I forgot to mention with O being chunky, I did have gapping in the front. BUT I figured out that if you use both inserts, put the smaller one slightly down on the larger insert. Like so:

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