Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Green Pocket Diapers

First off, lets just say It's been an adventure cloth diapering the past couple months. Oliver has hit his toddler stage and with that comes sizing differences. He no longer is my CHUNKY monkey. Now he is tall, tiny waist, pot belly, and chunky thighs. It's weird, I know. So we have been doing a major over haul on almost all of his diapers. The only diapers that are the same on him are his Fuzzibunz diapers. I had to sell his Oh Katy's, and Thirsties. Sad day. I loved both of those brands.
But that means I get to try out more diapers :D I'm super happy about that. So my latest diaper to try is the Go Green Champ diaper. I LOOOOOVE them!!!! Holy cow I love them. Wish they had more prints that I like (I'm picky about prints and colors) but the ones I love are soooo worth it. At $15 per diaper, it's not the cheapest nor is it the most expensive diaper that I have coveted, but it will last Oliver for a really long time. He is currently on the SECOND snaps out of 5. That's a lot of growing!

They fit his chunky thighs! I can get an excellent fit in the waist, and the rise is perfect. And guess what my favorite part is! The double gusset!!! But it's not like any double gusset I've seen. It's in the suede cloth! It's perfect for those super poopers!

Not only that but there is another AMAZING thing you can do if you want. An Adapt-a-snap! So for you mom's that want or need the ease of hook/loop, you can snap on this set of hook and loop to make your snaps diaper a daycare/babysitter/dad/arthritic hands friendly!
Pictures used from
Pictures used from

 How awesome is that? I've also seen it work on other diapers, not just GoGreens! So go and buy one now! I'm serious. Do it.