Monday, August 8, 2011

bumGenius 4.0!!!

Side View


So I was VERY hesitant to try bumGenius 4.0. They have an amazing reputation, but their sizing was the thing. O at the time was still very chunk (he is still, but not as much). They say 35+, but the plus is what I'm always hesitant about; they could very well mean a pound or two. But I was pleasantly surprised. The rise is perfect (Ollie is now 32" tall) and it's on the largest setting. He has an inch worth of growth left on the velcro. I do want to try out the snaps to see how well they fit and how much growth or use he has in them.

 I also like their hook and loop. I feel that it will keep going for quite awhile. If you have a chunky child you know that if they move around to much the hook will start to come apart from the loop. I have yet to hear that iconic sound of it coming apart while he plays. (TIP: I usually will put pants on O when he plays and wearing hook and loop to make sure that they stay on. But when trying a new diaper I leave the pants of to "test" out the strength of the hook and loop tape)

I also love how there is a folded down section of PUL on the inside of the diaper.

Why do I like this? Well I have never had a leak if I left the diaper on to long (I admit, I'm not perfect at being a mom) Also if you take out the insert like me (shake it out. NOT a fan of touching the wet insert) I don't have to touch any wetness because I can hold onto the PUL :D

So for a chunky toddler I would buy more bumGenius!!

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