Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well I had an absolutely amazing review of Fuzzibunz diapers, but then the maintenance to blogger I guess deleted it. Sigh! So I'm writing it again, and I hope you forgive any mistakes I make. I just had my wisdom teeth removed and i'm on some intense pain medicines.

I actually received my Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Large months ago. I'm talking probably 8 months ago. But I guess this means I have full knowledge for the product. I love them. End of story. I love how the entry to the pocket is in the back (I have found some that are in the front.Weird), which I like so I don't have to touch anything gross to get the inserts out.

The fit is amazing. He has plenty of room to grow, especially since he is thinning out. I haven't had any issues when it comes to leaks. It has held up with the worst of his tummy issues and what ends up in the diaper. At night it can hold multiple inserts because of the generouse sized pocket. I can also put my hand in with out difficulty.Some other brands my hands (which aren't huge, average women hands) feel like they aren't going to fit all the way and eventually pop a seam because of the small pocket size.

One thing I have noticed, the microfiber layer on top of the PUL seems to hold stains very well. Which I'm generally not overly worried about stains, but now that our daycare is allowing us to cloth diaper, I don't want to gross the girls out any more than I have to. And with our very little sun that we have had, it's been hard to try and sun the diapers to get them white. So I did multiple strips and soaks with different type of soaps and RLR; none of it helped. So finally I broke down and added a little bit of bleach to the wash. Now they are practically new looking!

Speaking of daycare, my son's teachers love the Fuzzibunz. They love the snaps! They aren't a fan of hook and loop because they feel that it wont stay on. I also like the snaps for daycare because they like to wrap the diaper up like a disposable so when they do that with hook and loop, it attaches to the outer layer and kind of destroying it (I have told them about the tab on the inside). Snaps are great that way because they don't have an option of sticking the Velcro to to run print or color.

So Fuzzibunz Perfect Fit are great. End of Story. Perfect for daycare and daddy friendly, and on the go. I highly suggest stuffing them right out of the dryer so that you don't have to worry about stuffing them while in the midst of changing a diaper. Have a Happy diapering day!!

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This is the best I could get. Oliver is now a very active toddler.

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