Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flat, Prefolds, and Covers! Oh my!!

Ok, after days of not being able to upload my videos I finally decided to try uploading on youtube then embed it here. And after 77 minutes of loading a 6 minute video, IT FINALLY WORKED!!
Please forgive my camera for constantly auto focusing. This is my first "Vlog" and I hope to get better as I do more!
This is a vlog to better show you the differences between prefolds and flats. Later this week I will show you pockets, AIO, and hybrids!


Also if you haven't heard, I'm goind a Thirsties Fab Fitted Giveaway! Click on the link and it will send you to the giveaway and the instructions!


  1. I'm glad it finally uploaded for you. :) Flats do not look friendly! I don't think I will be trying them. I did get some pre-folds (the cheap econobum ones) just for when I run out of my pocket diapers or on laundry day. :) I think I will stick with my pockets though, seems much easier. But, what do I know, I haven't started yet. STILL waiting for my fluffy mail.

  2. Thanks to you, I just bought a flip cover. lol. I need to STOP! What started as 12 Bumgenius diapers has turned into 12 Bumgenius, 1 Econobum, 1 Fip, 2 Kawaii, extra inserts, 2 g pants, disposable inserts, bio liners, & a sprayer.... and I haven't even started using anything yet. lol. Now you also got me wanting fuzzibuns, but I will wait and try out what I have first.

  3. Lol welcome to my world!! I keep meaning to buy me new clothes or new contacts. . . .yeah, I keep spending money on diapers to try. . . . It seriously is an addiction.
    I hope it comes soon!! Hopefully today I will be getting more Oh Katy Diapers for daycare. I ordered them two weeks ago!!!

  4. Oh wow, glad I didn't order from them if it takes 2 weeks! They do look like very cool diapers though. But, they are expensive and were not on sale, so I went with bumgenius for that type of a diaper.

  5. I actually got them from green baby deal and I didn't know this when I ordered, but it was a preorder. So that's why it took so long. But I got 3 Oh Katies for $30. So I can be patient :)