Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fabric types and prepping each

Ok so here is my post on different fabric types and prepping. It probably might be an overload, but It's what confused me the most so I hope to un-confuse new cd'ers.

Natural fibers have oils. Especially organic or non-bleached fabric; but bleached still do have oils in them, but not as much because they had to be washed during the bleaching process. So when you first get any natural fiber products, you want to wash them. A lot. Not just wash, but wash then dry and repeat it several times. The first wash I do with detergent then the rest of the washes no detergent. I usually do 5 cycles of washing and drying. There is an easier way. I will talk about it after the not natural fibers (videos included!) Natural fibers are kind of special. The more they are washed and dried, the more absorbent and fluffy they become.

Here is a sampling of my natural fibers. (left to right) On the bottom is Osocozy unbleached prefold, on top: bleached prefold, Grovia (I can't remember which one, but i has natural fibers) soaker, hemp doubler, Fuzzibunz hemp doubler

See the difference between the two? Sorry it's a little dark. I can never find good enough lighting in my house.
Not natural fibers include (but not limited to) Fleece, microfiber, microsuede, PUL . . .I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them. For me, I don't feel the need to wash more than once. They don't have any oils, but they do have plenty of dirt from manufacturing and being in transit. For these diapers and inserts I would just wash once with lots of hot water and an extra rinse or two. This is my opinion though, others I have read like to do several washes. Which I think is unnecessary since non-natural material doesn't have oil and wont fluff up/get more absorbent with washing.  So it's really up to you on this one.

Yup that's right. Boiling. As in boiling water to make spaghetti!! This is a super quick way to get rid of most oils in natural fibers. AND it's a great way to strip diapers that have detergent buildup or ammonia stink. The way I'm demonstrating in the videos is with microfiber inserts WITHOUT SNAPS. Again I repeat, WITHOUT SNAPS.  If you boil something with snaps, they will melt. Fair warning to you all. Luckily, this hasn't happened to me, but I read about it :( poor, poor diapers. RIP.

Step 1A.  Wash your diapers. You really don't want to boil soiled diapers. . . that just sounds nasty.
        1B. Also get your pot of water starting to boil.
        1C. Get an empty dry pot out and tongs, set to the side.

Step 2A.Put clean diapers in boiling water.
        2B. Set timer for 20 minuets.

Step 3A. (Sorry, every one came home so it became a mad house, so no video for step 3)
Grasp tongs firmly in your hand (left or right, your preference) and take out one piece at a time. Let the water drip out as much as possible.
       3B. Put the piece into the empty pot.

I strangely can't find the boiling pictures from today. Oh well! This works too!

Step 4. Load into washer and do a couple of rinses. I did two today, just because I was stripping them, and wanted all the gunk out.

Now that was for microfiber. For natural fibers I would add a tablespoon (or a good squirt, I never measure) of Dawn BLUE Original dishsoap. I don't know why it has to be the blue Dawn, but everyone says to only us it. So I will go with the crowed on this one. Boil for the 20 minutes, (keep an eye on the pot. My first try I got preoccupied and it bubbled over. That was a lot of bubbles) then instead of two rinses like above, I rinsed till I didn't see anymore bubbles when i stopped and looked into the washer mid cycle. Some people do one more rinse, just for good measure, but I don't have the time to. Then dry :D

So that is boiling. Not hard. I find it's easier than washing, drying a billion times. I always forget to go switch them around. Then I usually stop after 3, so it's not getting the optimal fluffing.

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I really hope I didn't overload you.

Tell me about your boiling experiences!!!