Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thirsties Duo attempt #dos part dos

Ok so here is my final review of Thirsties Duo size 2. I love them!!! I really wish I could rewind the clock and go back and just keep sticking Thirsties out. They really have TONS of room till Oliver will grow out of them! I don't know what I was thinking with my first attempt. I'm guessing that at that time I was using the wrong detergent and there was some build up, which is why they were leaking. Right now I have both snaps ans hook and loop closures. And I'm pretty sure I'm a big fan of the hook and loop. Don't get me wrong, the snaps are great, but with Oliver and his still large size, I need/prefer the ability to choose the best spot for the diaper to close.

I also use Thirsties Hemp prefold. LOVE THEM! They are so trim, but absorbs so much! If I feel that Oliver needs more than just the hemp prefold, I have plenty of room to add more inserts. I also love that I can put them in Fuzzibunz pocket diapers and they add a ton of absorbency to them. So all in all I'm a Thirsties gal.

I finally did it. I bought a cloths drying rack. I really wanted the iconic clothes line now that we have (knock on wood) settled into out latest house with a huge backyard. I love the look of clothes drying on a line. So beautifully iconic and what a wonderful throw back to the simple times. But since I am not going to be living with my parents (knock on wood again) for much longer, I wanted something I could take with me where ever I went. And maybe someday I can have my icon in my backyard.

So soon I will be showing you all the gdiaper! I'm super excited about this one! I have been really lagging on cloth diapering while out and about. So I decided I would try something that would make going out easier, and lighter in my diaper bag. But for now here is a picture from out latest photo shoot with a really great friend of mine Ruth Naomi Carlstrom. Click on her name for the link to her website. O and I are on there! YAY!
If you ever lay down, Oliver will attack you. FYI

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