Monday, April 11, 2011

G oh G oh gdiapers!!

Oh gdiapers where have you been all my life?????? Ok, well more like my son's cloth diapering life??
If you can't tell, I really like gdiapers.
Lately I have been in a slump when going out and about with cloth. I usually broke down and used the dumb disposables that we have to use for daycare. So I then started looking for an easier way. Long story short, I was reminded about gdiapers. I never really understood the need for a hybrid diaper. . . till now.

A hybrid is exactly as it sounds. A two in one, crossover, "green" and efficient. Gdiapers can be used with either a pad that can be flushed down the toilet (for you greener folk-composted!) or you can use a cloth insert instead. I have yet to try out their cloth inserts, but the disposables have been wonderful so far!
See the little blue mark on the top left? That is where you tear.
The pad will fit into the liner that snaps into place. It's kind of a cool system. I didn't think I would work out, but I was wrong!
Using the biodegradable inserts sounds awful when you first read the instructions, but so was using regular cloth diapers. What you have to do when it needs to go down the toilet, you rip a side off the insert (I find it's easier with two sides or top and a side are ripped off), and shake the innards out. The absorbing innards need to be separated from the outer shell when you flush them, unless you want a clogged toilet. Then by all means, flush as one giant pad. You do need something to "stir" the innards around with to make it so it's not one giant clump of material. I use of all things, a drinking straw. It was in the garbage next to me and it has worked just fine for us.

Ok so you just might be wondering how my (or yours if your wondering it) toilet could handle flushing all of that. Lets just say my toilet sucks when it comes to the flushing power. It seriously lacks that oomph that a toilet needs. But it handles the gdiapers decently well. Sometimes if I feel that the toilet needs a good break, I'll flush the innards separately from the outer shell. I have yet to come across any problems so far.

What about going out in the world and not at home? Well so far I have only been to places where there was the industrial toilets with max flushing power. I didn't have my handy straw stirrer, so I just flushed to see how well it worked. Went down with no problems. How about the fit? The fit is awesome! It's super trim like a disposable! And we all know how badly Ollie suffers from cloth butt! I could use O's "skinny" jeans just fine while using the gdiapers. There were hardly any red or pink marks, which are notorious with cloth diapers. So going out on the town was nice and easy. Plus I didn't have to carry around a ton of extra diapers. Just a few pads and a different cover. NICE!

**Ok since writing the first part of this post, my son went through a stomach bug that manifested itself as mostly diarrhea. It was a glorious weekend, I can tell you that. After using the gdiapers during that whole fiasco, I am glad Ollie now has more solid of poop that can be flushed with ease. I think this is a great diaper for those with less solid poop, especially when going around town. This way you don't have to take care of the diapers when you get home. Just throw the dirty cover and lining in the pail. But I would make sure you have extra covers (they call them gpants) and the liners (the white think that holds the pad in place) in case of leakage! Hopefully I can review their cloth inserts soon!
Don't forget! If you have any questions, I would love for you all to ask away!! I love to help where ever I can!


  1. I love the environmentally friendly diaper options that are available nowadays! I don't have kids yet, but it's good to know what's out there :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you are thinking about it!! P.S. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! If my bangs weren't dumb, I'd be rockin the finger curls.

  3. trying my g diapers today, and I am nervous!!!